Mathematics in Medicine Journal Club

The Mathematics in Medicine journal club meets the first Tuesday of each month from 3-4pm in the large conference room located in the CQM suite (Suite 3080, 195 Farmington)​.

The purpose of the MiM journal club is to discuss articles that utilize novel (or, utilize in a novel way!) mathematical methods to approach problems in biomedicine and clinical practice.

Dates of previous and upcoming meetings are below.

If you would like to present a paper or have any questions about the journal club, please contact Anna Konstorum (

Date Speaker Title
6/6 Jignesh Parmar A cellular stress-directed bistable switch controls the crosstalk between autophagy and apoptosis
–Summer Break–
9/5 Reinhard Laubenbacher TBD
10/3 Pedro Mendes TBD

Previous Journal Clubs

Date Speaker Title
9/6 (2016) Cory Brunson Modulus on graphs as a generalization of standard graph theoretic quantities (presentation slides)
10/4 Anna Konstorum Topological Strata of Weighted Complex Networks
11/1 Bandita Adhikari A Logical Model Provides Insights into T Cell Receptor Signaling
12/6 Russell Posner Regulation of Ovulation Number in Mammals (video)
1/3 (2017) Byoungkoo Lee Atlas of Cancer Signalling Network
2/7 Albin Salazar Dynamical and Structural Analysis of a T Cell Survival Network Identifies Novel Candidate Therapeutic Targets for Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia
3/7 Cory Brunson Power law distributions in empirical data (presentation slides)
5/2 Evelien Schassfsma Transcriptome-Based Network Analysis Reveals a Spectrum Model of Human Macrophage Activation